• How electronic document flow will improve your life

    Most companies face problems of external document flow: regulations and terms of document exchange are violated, documents are lost and do not reach the addressee. These difficulties are eliminated, if electronic document flow is used.

    Rejecting progress is as absurd
    as rejecting the power of fall.
    Ivan Chernyshevsky



    Document Flow Complexity

    The document flow can be internal and external. The introduction of a complete electronic document flow (hereinafter EDF) is a set of measures aimed at optimizing document flow within the company, with suppliers and customers. Often, companies use electronic submission of reports to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, but there is no electronic document flow within the company and with counterparties.
    Particularly complexity is paperwork with counterparties: documents are not sent on time, delayed, and lost. Lost or not received documents entail the impossibility of taking into account the costs and VAT for reimbursement. In large corporations, unaccounted costs and VAT add up to millions of rubles. Recovery of missing documents takes a lot of time from company employees, which ultimately affects labor productivity. The optimal solution when introducing electronic document flow is to start with an external document flow.


    In order for the document to acquire legal force, when working with counterparties, it is enough to sign it with an electronic digital signature (hereinafter EDS). EDS is received and connected through a certification center. Electronic document flow reduces the time spent on sending and receiving documents, simplifies interaction. Receipt and transmission are recorded electronically, documents cannot be lost. Archives are backed up, which reduces the risk of losing file documentation. After the expiration of the limitation period, documents can be easily deleted. Due to the storage of documents in electronic form, employees remotely use them for their intended purpose, while the search for documents is simplified.
    The tax authorities allow the storage of electronic documents in the form of files without printing them. Electronic document flow saves time, paper, space, allows you to receive original documents in a timely manner. In addition, courier and postage costs are reduced.

    I would like to note: we use Electronic document flow and EDS in our work to submit returns to government agencies and exchange documents with clients.